And so are mine.

Collectively coming to this conclusion could alleviate society’s division.

But, we are human. We like things to be black and white and we aren’t very good with nuance.

It’s similar to your home’s security.

SCA stands for Software Composition Analysis, although, this could be more confusing than the acronym.

One hint is in the word composition which can be defined as “the nature of something’s ingredients or components; the way in which a whole or mixture is made up.”

Thus, SCA == an analysis…

The role of security champions in a software development team, and how they help build secure applications

First, what is a security champion?

A security champion is a person in your organization that advocates for security best practices.

They are critical for the success of an application security (AppSec) program. Security champions jumpstart early and ongoing adoption and can be synonymous with the popular term “evangelist.”


Absolute certainty is something we yearn for but can never really achieve.

Therefore, our pursuit is filled with uncertainty.

We have developed adaptations to this in the form of belief systems and tribes. But, these come with trade-offs, as Thomas Sowell says of all solutions, “There are no solutions. …

Many years ago I was lamenting to a mentor about how stingy our workplace was at paying for training and personal development. I was implying that I would not get the knowledge I desired. As all good mentors do, I was given a shift in perspective — “What’s the alternative…

Randy Gibson

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. -Carl Sagan

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