Creating and sustaining a Product team that innovates

  • Highly skilled individuals who are deeply knowledgeable
  • Hiring based on experience instead of merit and fit
  • Hastily trying an idea but not thoroughly weighing the risk and it worsening results
  • Encouraging reactive thinking instead of systems thinking
  • Reducing the costs and hours but not reducing the services (i.e. we’ll run the same 5 experiments on your website with 30% fewer hours)
  • Choosing personnel that fit the costs instead of the services needed
  • Utilizing personnel part-time so they stretch across many projects but simultaneously worsen their value delivered to all of those projects (aka prevent synergy)
  • The entrepreneurial small business environment is like a new college football coach. You cannot expect things to change overnight. You have to give this person time to build strong systems, then recruit the right talent to support those systems, time to coach them, then allow them to build synergy over time (this usually takes three years).
  • The consulting services environment is like an NBA coach. You can’t toss a bunch of NBA talent onto a team, without strong systems and synergy, and expect results (many examples over the last 50 years).



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Randy Gibson

Randy Gibson

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. -Carl Sagan